More than 108,000 tons of our fruits are exported worldwide every year
Maritime logistics around the world
Our services are based on an absolute commitment to maintaining the Ecuadorian Banana brand as a leading brand on the international market in accordance with the needs and requests of our customers
We guarantee product quality

Having accepted these standards, our Banana meets the two stages of transportation: it is plantation-packed and loaded directly into the export container and transported directly to the port, which minimizes the negative impact when unloading the boxes.

Deeply committed to our position as the world's leading exporter of Cavendish bananas, we ensure the best possible handling of the fruit, from cutting, packaging and transportation to its final destination which guarantees the quality of the product.

Quality control
We strive every day to maintain the optimal level of our product's quality in order to correspond to the international markets’ requirements. We have a specialized department, responsible for supervision, receiving information and relevant data. The department controls and improves the banana quality we produce. Our specialists monitor the bananas’ cutting and packaging on plantations on a weekly basis.
Fruit processing
Our customers are fully supported by our technically trained staff: from fruit picking, quality control, packaging and transport (from the moment the fruits leave our plantations to the port). As an expert company in the production, marketing and export of bananas, we maintain a technically trained and fully qualified staff. The operation begins in the provinces of Guayas, El Oro, where the fruits grow, which we provide to the whole world.
We will deliver your cargo on time

Eliminate your worries by working with our reliable shipping company. Improve your production plan, reduce production time and minimize your inventory cost.

We want to help you to plan your business and achieve greater efficiency in your supply chain so that your cargo arrives on time. Thus we ensure the requirements of your customers are met, your market share and profitability are increased.

At our customers request we provide the "Fruit Tracking" service. A service that allows you to process documentation, localization, location, cargo tracking and support from Ecuador to the port of destination.

For constant adaptation to demanding market changes and support for the growth of our company, we give priority to the following shipping lines: