Berlin 2024

Having crossed oceans, LEVEXPORT took part in the historic Fruit Logistica 2024 exhibition in Berlin to present a unique product - bananas from Ecuador.
This oldest exhibition of its kind has become the epicenter of new opportunities in fruits and vegetables, bringing together the world's best companies to network, exchange ideas and create game-changing partnerships in the global marketplace.

LEVEXPORT is not just a name, it is a guarantee of quality. Ecuadorian bananas are a vivid example of how nature has enriched this country with fertile land and a favorable climate. Our bananas are the result of not only natural talent, but also the highest quality of care and attention to every detail of the growing process.

We invest significant resources to ensure that each fruit retains its freshness and nutritional properties throughout storage and transportation. Our company pays special attention to the quality of packaging to ensure that bananas are delivered to consumers in perfect condition.
LEVEXPORT is a carefully thought-out care of our product and our customers. By choosing our bananas, you choose quality!
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Thank you for your trust in LEVEXPORT!