Cairo 2023

By taking part in the 8th International FOOD AFRICA 2023 exhibition, which took place in Cairo, the capital of Egypt, we are opening the gates to the African continent. Cairo, the largest city in Africa, is not only the political and economic center of Egypt, but also an important hub for international trade and business.
In turn, bananas from Ecuador are renowned for their quality and ability to meet the highest standards of the world market. Grown on fertile land and uniquely resistant to transportation and storage, they are already recognized internationally.
Our company is engaged in the entire process - from cultivation to delivery of high quality products
We are not only committed to customer satisfaction, but also to building strong partnerships that support our growth. We make significant efforts to ensure that each fruit retains its freshness and nutritional properties at all stages of transportation and storage.
LEVEXPORT pays special attention to the quality of packaging, using innovative materials and technologies to ensure that our bananas are delivered to consumers in perfect condition.

If you weren't able to visit our booth at the show to judge the quality of our bananas in person, you are always welcome on our social media pages. Visit our Instagram page to see photos and stories of our adventures, and check out our YouTube channel where you will find video reports not only from the Cairo show, but also from our other events.

Thank you for your trust in LEVEXPORT!